Reload 40 UAH
price $10 USD
100 UAH
price $20.00 USD
200 UAH
price $35.00 USD
300 UAH
price $53.00 USD
400 UAH
price $70.00 USD
800 UAH
price $130.00 USD

Phone Translation Services $1 per minute

There are two packages that you could use to make your 3-way translation call to Ukraine or Russia. If you are ready to make your call, please email me at or call me at 336-694-5539 to set up the call. When you e-mail me, please provide me with your and your lady's phone numbers, best times and days for you to make a call to Ukraine/Russia. I will call your lady at no charge to set up a time that will be convenient for all of us. For more details click here.

Personalized gift delivery in Ukraine From $4

Personalized gift delivery, flowers delivery service available in the most cities of Ukraine: from $39 per package (includes: gift, delivery, photos and video, greeting card, my commission and money wire) for more packages click here click here.


Signle lesson (1 hour): $30; 10 Lessons: $249 (which is about $25 a lesson); 20 Lessons: $399 (which is about $20 a lesson). To schedule or to find out more information about the lessons, just send me an e-mail or give me a cal.


I will work with you and your fiancee on all of the paperwork and documents that have to be done in order to obtain visa.There is a filling fee with US immigration services, which is $455. I can also do all necessary certified translation of Ukrainian documents into English; fee per each page is $25.

Reloading your girlfriend's cell phone number in Ukraine

Phone communication and text and picture messaging are an important part of communication when you live so far away from each other. Yes, it is nice to send your girl a text message or a picture message. ( by the way in Ukraine we call " text message- sms and picture message- mms" But it is also nice to receive one or more from her. For Ukrainian girls it is an expensive treat to send you a text message or picture message. So, this way you can:

put as much money as you want on her phone you will know where your money will be spend on there will be no worries on how to send her money to reload her phone or to worry whether she will put these money on her phone or not

Phone Reload Amount


- from and to Russian/Ukrainian/English Price per word: ONLY $0.04 (personal correspondence only). Turnaround time from anywhere from 1 - 48 hours depending on the size of the letter.

Please e-mail me to estimate the price