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Who is Galyna karpenski?

I met my husband more than 9 years ago, through a dating web-site, just like you are trying to meet your future better half. Being there, done that- makes me very familiar with what you and your lady are going trough right now. I know the excitement of receiving and sending e-mails to each other, I know the excitement of calling each other for the first time and hearing each other voices.

I know the excitement of meeting each other in person for the first time and worrying if he ( for you it will be she) is the " one" . Having all my knowledge and experience I will be able not only assisting you during your conference call or translating your/her letters, but give you some advice.

Are you ready to make a call? If yes, please email me now. I am looking forward to help you to communicate and get you closer to your lady!